Natalie Sellars Facialist ~ Mentoring Package


I am offering a limited number of mentor packages each year. 

I am often emailed asking for information on how to establish a holistic skin care business and brand, and the package below is the best way I can share my guidance to ensure both yourself and I are making the most of our time together and I am able to support you in the way you need.



  • A minimum of five sessions must be purchased. To offer you real benefit from this mentor relationship, five hours is the minimum commitment we both need to make to each other.   
  • All five calls / sessions must be booked and completed within 3 months of purchase 

  • One session is equal to one 1 hour session with me once a week either via Skype / phone or in person at our salon if product / general training is required. At the end of a package, additional packages may be purchased.