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Inner light - 2 x Facial sculpting, Neolift and Buccal Massage with Natalie ( Brisbane ONLY )


Purchase 2 x Inner light- 90 minute  Facial sculpting, Neolift and Buccal Massage with Natalie 

By now most of you have heard of the Neo Lifting facial sculpting and buccal massage. 

Lets recap what this incredible treatment is and what it does!

Neo lift and buccal massage harnesses the bodies own natural rejuvenation to provide fresh blood nutrients to the tissue, removing stagnation and increasing lymphatic flow. In turn allowing facial muscles to move freely improving tone and aging effects on the tissue.

Hello to a holistic approach to contouring and sculpting the face without the pain.

Neo lifting views the relationship between lymphatic, circulatory, immune, and nervous
systems as an essential component to health and maintaining longevity.  It’s about creating vitality in the skin and muscles. 

The Buccal massage component of the massage is performed as an intra oral massage on the cheeks of the face. Buccal massage is not something new. The technique is
traditionally applied by osteopaths and remedial therapists. Unlike other facial massages that focus on the surface of the skin, buccal massage works
deeper into the facial muscles, tissues, ligaments, and fascia. The rhythmic massage
movements lift and sculpt the facial muscles, again a truly holistic form of manual facial

Neolifting helps to:
*Prevent wrinkles
*Reduce water retention in the face and lymph nodes
*Improves the elasticity of the skin
*Restore facial posture through increased circulation
*Reduces puffiness and swelling through lymphatic drainage
Buccal massage helps to:
* Relieve tension
*Removes built up of toxins
*Awakens lazy muscles

Each 90 minute treatment includes Dermalux led , you can choose not to have this option and receive a longer scalp massage. 


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Pre paid  2 x Inner Light - Sculpt and Release ( Neolifting, Facial Sculpting & Buccal Massage + Led) with Natalie 

You will not be required to pay a deposit for these pre paid treatments, but you will be required to enter your Credit card details, no payment will be taken. Thank you. 

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