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Printable Online ~ Email ~ Skin consultation with Natalie ( $99 redeemable on product)

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You will receive your skin consultations within 48 hours of purchase. 


How it works. 

 It may take up to 48 hours to receive your consultation form to fill in and then 48 hours for us to come up with your full regime. 

It’s all done Via email, so no need to choose a time or book in  .

Once your purchase has come though, we will email you  with a full consultation form you to fill in 

1.  Full in the consultation form with any extra information  

2.  Include Photos of your skin 

3. Tell us all of skin concerns

4. Tell us what you have been using/ what you are looking for. 

from there  we will go into a more detailed consultation ( again, all Via email) 

A reply may take up to 48 hours where we begin the process. 

You will receive - a $99 voucher to spend on your products to use within one month which will be sent to you with your online consultation. 

You will receive a beautiful consultation that you can print and keep with you, so you can remember what order/how much to use etc  

This is an opportunity for you to work with us to help curate an organic at home experience and to understand ingredients that YOUR skin needs. With an extensive knowledge of ingredients and many years of working with small batch organic brands, she has a vast collection of products to choose from for YOU. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

After being sucked into every social media skincare rabbit hole and wasting so much time, money and stress on things that either did nothing or made my skin worse, I finally came 'home' to Natalie. Natalie took all my concerns on board and has given me a nourishing, simple routine to follow using amazing products from her crafted selection. I cannot be happier with the routine I now have and I look forward to supplementing my at home skincare with visits to Kinder in person.

Extremely valuable advice

It was great to get all my concerns written down on paper. Monique gave me reassurance, guidance and advice on the best products for my skin and the best way to use them. I love how simple the recommendations were and I'm so excited to try out all the products.

Cat de Valence
Natural skincare made easy!

Monique provided clear and easy to understand guidance on products and recommendations based on my skin type and skin goals. I have been using all the products recommended and my skin feels and looks amazing. I highly recommend the consult if like me you don’t know where to start with choosing skincare or if you want some expert guidance before investing in new products!


Online Skin Consultation via email - Week 2nd - 8th August - fully redeemable on product - AUS only

Nicole Conti
Amazing Kind Service

I had a wonderful experience with Monique, she is very knowledgeable and kind, she provided wonderful guidance on products. I am looking forward to starting my new routine and look forward to one day being able to come in for a treatment.