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Ode Form™ Botanical Mist 30 ml


Mammae the embodied mother
Aromatherapy Ritual 1.0

Balance. Calm. Connect

(with) Linden Blossom, Frankincense & Sandalwood.

Feminine, opulent and fresh, the Ode Form Botanical Mist is designed to be experienced as an immersive veil that inspirits the senses and self. 

Reminiscent of ethereal azure waters and a warm golden haze, this soothing antidote is intentionally created to mark the beginning and end of each breastfeeding ritual, connecting her to the embodied essence of motherhood. 

Grounded in rich botanical wisdom with an unconventional appeal, this illuminating mist imbues unexpected inspirations with its natural evocative ingredients, whilst augmenting a deep intuitive bond between baby and bosom. 

Transcend routine into ritual, with this balancing and restorative aromatherapy mist, formulated to nurture mama throughout pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and thereafter.

come back to self.

100% natural and organic ingredients.

Safe throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Mark the beginning & end of each breastfeeding ritual.

Gently swirl, activating herbal infusion. 

Mist generous veil, enveloping the body & space.

Focus on your intention, ground your senses & come back to self.



aqua, organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, capric, symbio®solv XC (caprylyl/capryl wheat bran/straw glycosides), lavandula angustifolia* (lavender), citrus limon (lemon), pelargonium graveolens (geranium), santalum album (sandalwood), boswellia serrata* (frankincense), cananga odorata (ylang ylang), cedrus deodara (cedarwood), Ilia vulgaris v. europea (linden blossom), pelargonium graveolen (geranium absolute), commiphora guidotti / erythraean (opoponax), polyglyceryl-5 oleate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, glyceryl caprylate, citrus paradisi (grapefruit seed extract)

*Certified Organic


Nurtured on Australian soil, this exquisite essence, known for its profound grounding qualities, invites serenity, introspection, and tranquility into your daily life. Like a gentle guardian, Sandalwood envelops the being, forming a protective shield around your aura, nurturing both the heart, creating a sanctuary of peace and well-being.

A revered essence that whispers tales of ancient wisdom and serenity. For the nurturing soul of a mother, it provides a grounding embrace, clearing both mind and space, while infusing the aura with a gentle calm, perfect for life's most precious moments.

Nature's soothing balm for the mother's heart. This gentle yet potent essential oil carries the essence of relaxation, tenderness, and emotional equilibrium. Lavender embraces you with its calming presence, easing stress, promoting tranquility, and creating a serene haven amidst the demands of motherhood. Let its healing energy cradle you in moments of respite and self-care.

A burst of sunshine in a bottle, this refreshing essential oil radiates vibrancy and positivity. Energetically, Lemon is uplifting and invigorating, like a ray of light cutting through clouds. It awakens the senses, promotes mental clarity, and encourages a sense of freshness and vitality. For mothers, it can be a cheerful companion, infusing your space with a zesty energy that brightens moods and rejuvenates the spirit.

A nurturing embrace wrapped in a delicate bloom. Energetically, Geranium essential oil embodies warmth, compassion, and balance. It has the power to soothe the heart, alleviate stress, and instill a sense of emotional equilibrium. For mothers, Geranium is a comforting presence, offering gentle support during moments of vulnerability and imparting a harmonious energy that encourages emotional well-being. Like a bosom friend, it harmonises the rhythm of your maternal journey.

Himalayan Cedarwood.
Grounded in the majestic peaks and serene valleys of the Himalayas, this essential oil carries the strength and stillness of ancient forests. Energetically, Himalayan Cedarwood is a beacon of stability, strength, and introspection. It roots one's spirit, connecting the soul to Earth's primordial wisdom, and offers a sense of unwavering calm amidst life's tempests. For mothers, it provides a grounding foundation, reinforcing resilience while evoking a sense of peaceful sanctuary. Journey with Himalayan Cedarwood as it anchors your maternal path with deep-rooted grace and serenity.

Ylang Ylang Blossoms.
Evoking the mystique of tropical rainforests and moonlit petals, Ylang Ylang is a dance of the senses. Energetically, it pulses with a deeply sensual and euphoric rhythm. Its fragrance elevates emotions, releases inhibitions, and stirs the soul with passionate warmth. For mothers, Ylang Ylang is a gentle reminder of the femininity and power within, balancing emotions and enveloping one in a cocoon of love and self-acceptance. Journey with Ylang Ylang blossoms as they elevate your spirit, weaving a tapestry of joy, passion, and serene self-assuredness.

Linden Blossom.
Whispering tales of ancient groves and sun-dappled meadows, Linden Blossom emanates a tender and heartwarming embrace. Energetically, it serves as a balm to the weary soul, offering solace and serenity. Its gentle creamy aroma cradles emotions, easing anxiety and fostering feelings of peace and rejuvenation. For mothers, Linden Blossom acts as a delicate guardian, comforting and shielding the heart from life's turbulence while uplifting with its sweet, floral notes. Journey with Linden Blossom as it nurtures your spirit, infusing your path with lightness, love, and a touch of nature's gentle magic.

A treasure from the realms of ancient wisdom and sacred rituals, Opoponax exudes an energy of deep spiritual resonance. Energetically, it carries the essence of spiritual protection, purification, and inner transformation. Opoponax is like a guardian of the soul, shielding it from negative influences, facilitating emotional release, and guiding one on a path of profound self-discovery. For mothers, Opoponax becomes a beacon of inner strength, a source of resilience, and a catalyst for spiritual growth amidst the joys and challenges of motherhood. Embrace the transformative energy and let it guide you towards a place of inner serenity and ease.

Geranium Absolute.
Imbued with the concentrated essence of its bloom, this precious extract encapsulates the soulful depth of Geranium in its purest form. Energetically, it's a harmonious blend of strength and subtlety, grounding and uplifting simultaneously. It holds the power to both anchor and liberate the spirit. For mothers, this essence becomes a reservoir of emotional balance and intuitive wisdom, offering guidance during the ebb and flow of motherhood. With Geranium Absolute, one is reminded of the resilience of nature and the nurturing power that lies deep within, crafting a harmonious symphony of emotional well-being and inner peace.


These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  

If pregnant or have any health concerns, consult your health practitioner. 

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For external use only. 

Subtle variations in appearance & texture in no way affect the integrity. 

Avoid application on baby, eyes, breasts, sensitive or irritated skin. 

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