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Natural Deodorant - Go on, give it a go ....

Natural Deodorant - Go on, give it a go ....

When I first started looking at updating my lifestyle through what I put on my body as well as in it, my deodorant was one of the first things I changed. I suddenly have a lot of opinions about armpits.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make the swap – avoiding parabens or aluminum, for example – plenty of people are starting to change up their underarm game by choosing non-toxic options. Yes! I wholeheartedly support this decision!


Natural deodorant has a whole heap of awesome benefits. The use of only natural ingredients reduces the probability of being affected by the toxic chemicals used in some products. Also, the main ingredients (baking soda, witch hazel, essential oils and mineral salts) combine to absorb sweat, soothe razor burn and prevent the bacteria that causes odor, which is basically everything you want it to do.


And, trust me, they do work! You just gotta find the right one. Personally, I like crème/paste deos better than the spray ones. Basically, spray ones suck shit and put most people off using natural deodorants. While they may smell nice and are easier to use, they just don’t work… which is kinda awkward when my job involves a lot of leaning over clients… But this baby soaks up all the sweats and smells and deodorises like crazy. Get on it.


Here are some of my tips to switching to a natural version:


Work up to the double-strength stuff. Don’t assume that the normal version won’t work its magic. The double-strength has more bicarb in it, which is what some people can react to. You don’t want to find out you’re one of those people the hard way. However, if you do have a reaction (little red bumps or dryness are the most common type of reaction), use a healing balm or coconut oil at night to repair for a few days.


Part of the process of adjusting to a natural version will be to detoxify your underarms. Speed this up by exfoliating twice a week and washing daily with natural soap and warm water. You may have a stronger body odor than usual for 1-3 weeks while your body expels the toxins from your body, but don’t give up! Eventually this will stop and you will rely on deodorant less than you ever needed to!


To apply, just take a pea sized amount of the paste and rub it between you fingers to soften before applying to each arm. Make sure you wash your hands, because you really don’t want to rub it on your face! I usually make it my last step (after doing my face).


Keep your deodorant in a cool, dark place. If you live in Brisbane like me, you’ll want to keep it in the fridge over Summer! If it does melt, just mix it well (you’ll need to reincorporate the oils) and stick it in the fridge to set.


I like to shave at night, then use the deodorant in the morning. The bicarb has a nip to it if you use it just after shaving!


Seriously, after a while of using a natural deodorant, the smell of that fake stuff will make you sick! Lots of people will tell you that natural deodorants don’t work – and while it’s true that some brands are much better than others, this one by Erica Brooke really does do the job. If you can just stick with it through the readjusting phase, I know you’ll become a natural convert too.