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Let’s talk LED and  ( get 10% off) my new favourite at home Led Mask from SAN LUEUR

Let’s talk LED and ( get 10% off) my new favourite at home Led Mask from SAN LUEUR

I get many clients and followers sliding into my DMs each week wanting to know if [insert at home LED device here] is legit and able to deliver results. 

What does ‘legit’ mean?

 When asked if they’re legit, I assume people want to know if LED treatments are proven, and if in my professional experience of more than 25 years, I think at home LED devices are a sound investment. 

Short answer. Yes. LED light therapy is ‘legit’. But it is so much more than blue, red, yellow LED lights.  

Long answer? Buckle in… 

The only proven LED wavelengths to produce results on skin are red 633NM, blue  415 n and near Infra-red 830 nm  If these wavelengths ( 633/415/830nm)  aren’t being advertised then it isn’t proven to be effective, and in my opinion, not worth it. 

Think of it like this: other advertised wavelengths or LED colours are like trying to call someone on 1800 444 but dialling 1800 443. You’re close, but not getting exactly who you want to talk to. 

I believe that science and green beauty can work in unison. The tools I bring into the salon are based in proven science and being effective. Then, when combined with the high quality ingredients in the small batch products we use in salon, we are seeing results like never before. 

The reason I chose to purchase and use the Dermalux LED machine at Kinder is because it is the only machine on the market that can deliver all three clinically proven wavelengths at the same time. This means down time is less and we can target treatments more effectively. 

What does each wavelength or light colour do?

Good question. 

  • Red or 633nm is for rejuvenation. This wavelength accelerates cell renewal and repair. It boosts collagen and elastin making skin firmer and smoother.
  • Blue or 415nm is for blemish fighting. The blue wavelength destroys bacteria that cause spots and helps prevent breakouts. 
  • NIR (Near Infrared, colourless) or 830mm is anti-inflammatory. Exposure to this wavelength kick-starts the skin’s anti-inflammatory process supporting it to repair, reduce irritation, redness and pigmentation. 

Now it can get tricky here, a brand can say they are using RED LIGHT, but you want that 633nm to be mentioned. I have even noticed brands saying red light has been proven ( they mean 633nm has been proven) leading you to believe their mask is proven, just another little marketing trick I had nearly fallen for in the beginning.   

You still want to buy an at-home LED device?

I get it. The appeal of slipping into your PJs and doing an LED treatment while scrolling through Netflix - it’s tempting. So, if you are going to invest in an at-home LED mask device always check the NM and if they’re only stating the colour of the light think of this as your first red flag that it may not be the saving grace you’re looking for. 

And if you do really want to invest in an at-home device, I’ve been eagerly watching what the team at SAN LEAUR are doing and at $795 AUD it is a steep investment, and won’t replace your salon sessions but I’m so impressed I had to get in contact with them and find out how I could share it with you all. 

The SAN LUEUR Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask is is the world’s first LED mask that delivers all three clinically-approved wavelengths at the highest optimised energy output and irradiance possible for an at-home device.  ( 633nm, 830nm and 415nm)

I love that it has ALL 3 in the one mask. With brands I used to promote and love, you usually have to purchase a mask for acne and a seperate mask for skin rejuvenation, this has it all in one at the highest power on the market, meaning it works faster and more effectively without damaging your skin.  Getting you closer to the results you would see in our in salon session. It's absolutely worth it!  

Please note ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear eye protection when using blue light therapy at 415nm.  

I am so very grateful to the owner Diana who has generously given me a 10% off discount code for you all to use ( they NEVER DO DISCOUNTS) so this is a big deal, jump on it while we still have it as she isn't  sure how long she can give it to me for.