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Kindred Toxin Free's Guide To Autumn

Kindred Toxin Free's Guide To Autumn

Can you feel the crisp air growing colder each morning? The days are growing shorter and the leaves are turning lovely shades of red and brown. Autumn is upon us and as with all changes of season it is the perfect time to let go of the old and spend time inviting new, self-loving practices into your life. The transition between seasons opens us up to adjust and re-ground - especially now as we move on from Summer days spent at the beach to cooler temperatures and desires to hibernate at home.

Take this time to start, for example, getting into yoga or starting a relaxing bathing ritual. Find a good quality magnesium salt and mix with grounding oils and herbs. I personally love a combination (depending how I am feeling) of cedar, clove, cinnamon, petigrain and vetiver. A mix of tangerine, myrtle, lemon and bergamot are brilliant to lift my mood and support through any transitory periods. You should always mix oils into the salts before adding them to your bath water and I would always recommend consulting a professional aromatherapist for advice. If you’re interested in aromatherapy and want to talk to someone about a personal blend I highly recommend Brisbane-based aromatherapist Audra James or NZ-based Keely Watson. I’ve worked with both women for a number of years and the quality of their blends are second to none!

So what else keeps your skin in top-top condition as the temperatures drop?

Keep up your water intake

Yes, the desire to drink the same amount of water that we drink during hot Summer days might not be there but it is so important to maintain your hydration as the months get cooler.

Consider a ‘winter’ skincare regime

Often the products that worked a treat during the hotter months won’t offer your skin the same level of protection during Autumn and Winter. Sometimes it might be a simple swap of a heavier moisturiser for day and night time use or the inclusion of a mask. I love using the Miskin Sunshine Balm as a hydrating winter mask for my skin or to ward off any dry patches on elbows. The Miskin Calm Oil is also a cooler months favourite to give your skin powerful healing nutrients from the tamanu oil base to combat red, inflamed areas.

Avoid long, hot showers

We all know how comforting a hot shower can be on a chilly morning or after a long day at work but it is also incredibly drying to your skin. To really help your skin throughout the cooler months try to limit exposure to hot water.

Take time for yourself with an in salon treatment

Okay, shameless plug! But if a cool Autumn day isn’t the perfect excuse to bundle yourself under Kindred Toxin Free’s warm blankets as you receive a tailored facial treatment what is!?! I’ve partnered with the beautiful people at Metta to offer a Autumn Attunement for April. The treatment includes my signature 70 minute facial ritual (includes massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp), back scrub and massage and you get to take home a full-size Metta Body Butter to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. The package is $165 (saving $80) and you can book online at either Bulimba or Wynnum studios. Bliss!

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