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Changing your skin routine for spring

Changing your skin routine for spring

Is it just us, or is it hot in here? If you’re lucky enough to live in sunny Queensland then you’ll know that every year the westerly winds rise in August blowing in a whole new season and the start of our infamous 30-plus-degree weather. The time has come to pop away our ugg boots and peel down to our swimsuits as five months of perpetual temperate (and sometimes downright scorching) weather lies ahead of us. However, as we prepare ourselves for the change in temperature every year sometimes it can be easy to forget to also change up our skincare routine to suit the steamy months. Which is why we’ve popped together our easy four step guide to preparing your beauty routine for the warmer months. Shall we spring into action?

The Spring Clean

Just as you would clean out your house in September, now is the perfect time to take a second look at your product line-up and decide whether it’s time to give it the old ‘heave-ho’. Check your products for their expiry dates and make sure that what you’ve been using is still ok. This extends to all of your make-up products and brushes as well. The golden rule when it comes to your products is that if it’s been open for over six months, it’s likely going to have six months worth of bacteria in it (especially products that come in jars instead of  pump bottles). Now can you imagine putting six months worth of dirt and bacteria straight onto your beautiful skin? It’s definitely not a pretty thought.

Lighten Up

Come the winter months we always look to protect our skin from the chilly weather with extra layers of moisture. From gold balms to beautiful serums, winter is all about moisturising and nourishing your skin. However, with spring and summer it’s time to let your skin breathe and little bit so now is the perfect time to switch out your heavier moisturisers for a lighter day balm. You can still keep your oils and serums but instead switch to lighter formulas or use them sparingly as a weekly treatment to give your skin a nourishing boost - without weighing it down on those 30+ degree days.


Regardless of weather it’s 2 degrees and pouring down with rain, or 35 degrees and sunny you should be wearing sunscreen everyday (!). But with those long and lazy beach days ahead of you, now is the time to step up your game. Invest in a good quality mineral sunscreen and apply it liberally to your face and body every day before adding a hat and a light long sleeved shirt. Sure a tan looks great now, but the damage it does to your precious skin won’t look great later.


Think exfoliation was only for dry, wintery skin? Think again! With all those extra layers of sweat and sunscreeen that natually accumulate on the surface of your skin during the warmer season, now is the time to really step up your exfoliation game. Removing any nasty old skin and keeping a clear complexion is vital to ensuring your summer skin stays glowing and bacteria free. Lily and I recommend incorporating a gentle exfoliating enzyme product into your routine as well your favourite bamboo muslin face cloths. They will keep your skin looking fresh, dewy all summer long.