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How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Anyone who has known me or had a Kindred Toxin Free ritual will know I have a thing for beautiful, natural skincare. What you might not know is that I personally test every single product I endorse for months before putting online in the Kindred store. I get feedback from clients (everyone has different skin, after all) and the products you see in the store are only ones I absolutely love and would use myself.  

So I hope you’ll believe me when I say that I’ve found the magic combination to prime your skin for the heat! Summer brings all sorts of sticky, sweaty make-up woes, so I thoroughly believe in simplifying your routine and perfecting your base. Basically, healthy, glowing, hydrated skin doesn’t need a tonne of make-up. So get ready for your best skin ever! 


Always and Always: Rose Mist 

Providing hydration and saturation, I use this morning, night and during the day as I need it. Hydrosol-based mists are your best friend in summer and help draw your other skincare goodies deep into your skin. Use underneath your morning and night products to hydrate without adding extra oil. For anyone working in an air-conditioned office this one is also a great addition to your desk. Spray throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate skin.  

Morning: Ultra Light Day Cream

This silk-like serum was especially formulated for Queensland summers! With no heavy residue, it’s incredibly moisturising without feeling thick on your skin. I like to use it with the rose mist. If you are quite dry, you can use it every night as well. 

Night: Balance Oil 

Use this oil nightly with rose mist. We do all our healing at night, so just one pump is enough – and give yourself a facial massage while you are at it! The Balance Oil contains 'dry oils' and essential oils to help balance out an oily or normal oily skin type. If you have scarring/pigmentation, dehydrated skin, acne, fine lines or are 30+, top it up with some Emerald Elixir too. 

Weekly: Glow Mask

Draw out impurities with this clay-based mask, which includes enzymes to gently exfoliate. Use it once a week and wipe away with a bamboo facial towel. Don’t use around the eye area or on very sensitive skins. For drier skins, add a drop of balance oil to the face before you put this on. It won't draw out as much, but you will still benefit from the glow. Keep this mask hydrated – use the rose mist to spray over it every 5 minutes so it doesn't dry out completely.  

Of course, you can always up the ante and use Emerald Elixir after misting, and before any moisturiser or oil, for the powerhouse of goodness that it is. It helps reduce pigmentation, scarring and increases hydration. I recommend this to all women 30+ – so if you have any scarring, acne or pigmentation starting in your 20s, get onto it now!