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Kicking the Habit : 4 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Skin

Kicking the Habit : 4 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Skin

Bad habits? We’ve all got them - after all nobody is perfect - but when it comes to taking care of your skin there are some definitive ‘no-no’s’ that need to be addressed. So if you’re guilty of indulging in these everyday practices that are sabotaging your journey to beautiful skin then it’s time to grab the scissors and cut them out of your life for good.

Popping Pimples:
Picking at your pimples is a little like a can of Pringles - once you pop you just can’t stop. But this is one nasty little habit that is doing so much more harm than good. Whether you suffer from clogged pores or the occasional hormonal breakout, the temptation to attack that little red bump on your face can be hard to resist. However, what people don’t realise is that by touching, pulling or picking at that little red bump you are traumatising your poor skin into shock and spreading dirt deeper into your pores causing infection at best and scarring at worst. Our recommendation? Keep the area clean and wait it out a while, eventually the core will rise to the surface and be washed away with your regular cleansing ritual.

Sleeping with Your Makeup On:
There simply aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to emphasise my feelings on this matter. Think of your daily ritual. From the quick lick of mineral bronzer you dust over your face in the morning, to the air conditioner in your office and that public transport commute in between, your skin is picking up all sorts of things throughout the day. Which is why it’s incredibly important that before you lie down to get your evening rest you should thoroughly cleanse to remove the day from your face. Don’t treat your cleanse like a chore, think of it as an opportunity to give back to yourself with a daily skin loving ritual. Not only will it give your precious skin room to breathe, it is a chance for you to unwind and start fresh for the next day.

Over Exfoliating:
Too much of a good thing, can be bad - what’s true of most things in this regard is doubly so for your cleansing routine. It’s tempting, especially in winter to over scrub your skin. But if glowing, clear and fresh skin is what you’re hoping to get, you might find that all you end up with is redness and irritation. Keep your routine to a gentle exfoliation with a good quality product like this one by Miskin. Keep it to once or twice a week and focus on hydrating from the inside out by drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Your skin will thank you for it!

Skipping The Sunscreen:
For the most part we’re pretty good at slip, slop, slapping when we’re lying about on the beach with our friends, but what about the other 99% of the time? Not only will sunscreen help protect your skin from the sun’s carcinogenic rays, it will keep you looking younger and fresher for longer. Pick a good organic, mineral based sunscreen like this one by Drift Essentials and make it part of your daily ritual, you’ll thank us when you’re 45 and still look 30.