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New Year, New Skincare Routine: Our Must Have Products for 2018

New Year, New Skincare Routine: Our Must Have Products for 2018

We might already be halfway through January (where does the time go?) but there’s still time to give your New Year’s Resolutions a kick up the you-know-what! So, if you were planning on overhauling your daily skin ritual in 2018, we’ve got a no fuss guide to the must have tools you should have in your kit.

The Cleanse

The first step to great skin begins right here. With so many products on the market that promise you everything from hydration, exfoliation and a date with the man of your dreams finding the right one for your skin type can feel a little overwhelming. The good news is that when it comes to finding a good quality cleanser, it’s best to keep it simple. While a cleanser is powerful tool in your routine, it’s only your first line of defence - so stick with something that is powerful enough to remove your make-up and sunscreen, but gentle enough that it won’t strip your skin of precious hydration. Lily and I love this natural oil cleanser by Miskin and the honey cream cleanser by Erica Brooke (especially good for a post-workout cleanse). Don’t forget some good quality, antimicrobial bamboo face cloths for some added gentle exfoliation.

The Scrub

Speaking of exfoliation - here’s a little tip –less is more! Whether your skin is oily, dry or acne prone, sometimes the temptation to give your precious face a really good scrub can be irresistable. It can also do more harm than good! While it’s good to give your skin a helping hand once in a while to keep you feeling and looking fresh, resist the urge to run out and buy the most abrasive product you can find. You know the kind I’m talking about, the kind packed full of microbeads made from non-biodegradable plastic. Instead, opt for a more gentle approach and use a weekly enzymatic mask which doubles as a great excuse to stop and put your feet up for 20 minutes at least, and a monthly microdermabrasion. Your face and the environment will thank you for it.

The Serum 

Layering, it’s not just for clothes! When it comes to getting the most of your products, try boosting your routine with a specialised serum that will target your skin’s needs. Skin feeling a little dull? Aim for a hydrating product like the Emerald Elixir by Erica Brooke.  Acne prone? You need vitamin C. Don’t know what your skin needs? Just ask Lily or myself at your next appointment or book one of our online skin consultations! No matter your approach, if there’s one key element to every great skin routine, this single step will pack a powerful wallop!

The Moisturiser

It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily, acne prone or dryer than the Sahara;everyone needs a good moisturiser! Locking in this vital hydration is not only going keep your skin soft and glowing but it’s a step in the right direction to keeping you looking younger for longer. For daily use try to stick with something light that will let your skin breathe, and in the evenings try to use something richer for a more intensive overnight soak.



All day. Everyday. Forever. Sure it’s the last step to your daily routine, but if we were going to switch these products around in order of importance, this would be priority number one. Keeping your skin protected from harmful UVA and UVB is something that everyone, no matter their age should be doing. Even if you forget to do everything else, keep this step at the forefront of your mind every day when you step out the door.