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Our Brand Evolution with Sarah Miller

Our Brand Evolution with Sarah Miller

The new brand identity for Kinder Life is beautiful! Where did the inspiration for the look and feel of the new brand identity come from? 

Working with Nat has been a very different process compared to how I would normally work with a client. I’ve been a client of Nat’s for a little while and one thing I admire most about her is her ability to follow her intuition when she is treating you. She always seems to know exactly what you need on that particular day. So I felt inspired to bring that sense of knowing to the design process for the new brand that Nat wanted to bring to life. 

While this project saw me throw my regular creative practice out of the window, I still wanted the result to have a natural flow and to feel thoughtful, crafted and luxurious. It had to communicate living a balanced lifestyle. 

The Kindred brand has a dedicated community behind it, although the brand is evolving, what were some of the Kindred elements that were important to carry on in the new brand? 

It’s interesting, Kindred Toxin Free Facials visually hadn’t changed a lot since Nat founded her business. But her aesthetic has naturally grown and evolved over time and this has been alongside the growth of the business. The business itself has had to evolve often. The new name and branding is a representation of Nat as a business owner in 2021 and feels very natural. 

What does the Kinder Life brand represent for you?

Kinder life to me, means ritual. In my own self-care journey, it is the small, daily habits that I have cultivated for myself that end up being my biggest anchors when life goes a bit off the road. 

I make a commitment to myself to practice these rituals so that when shit hits the fan, I’m not relying on anyone else to save me. I know how to save myself. 

These rituals have taught me to be kinder to myself and in return, kinder to others around me. Kinder life for me is my community of women who place the same value on the importance of self love and wellnesss. 

How do you marry a brand that has such a strong personal identity linked to Natalie and all that she embodies as a skincare therapist?

It sounds cliche, but because Nat and Kinder Life are essentially one in the same and the business is based on the values Nat lives herself, it was a natural and relatively easy process to bring her identity through in the new look. It feels seamless because of this. 



You can follow Sarah here, or check contact her via her website