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Skincare Trend: Lofi Beauty

Skincare Trend: Lofi Beauty

Lo Fi Beauty is said to be a big trend for the year ahead. It’s a trend we can easily get behind because we’ve been living and breathing it since Kindred Toxin Free Facials started.

What is Lo Fi Beauty? Simply – less is more. Clients will know I’ve long advocated for quality over quantity when it comes to not only skincare products, but makeup too. It’s products that give you that barely there glow, let your freckles shine through.

 For skincare, we believe it is about creating a routine for client’s that has maximum impact with minimal number of products. And once you’ve got the basics down, Lo-Fi skincare is going to be your new mantra for glowy skin this Summer.

 So how can you embrace Lo Fi Beauty and skincare in your own bathroom?

 Marie Kondo your bathroom cabinet

Clients often tell us that switching to our curated collection of small batch and natural skincare has actually led them to minimise the products they use. Many have gone from skincare routines of many products to now happily relying on a routine of just three or four signature products that get the job done. It is liberating and not just for your skin now breathing a sigh of relief!

Embrace multi-use products

Why let precious real estate in your makeup bag or bathroom shelf be taken up by several products that do the same thing? We live for multi-use products that can work double duty and give us a natural glow. With skincare, our client favourite's are all what we'd consider "all-in-ones".

  • Wildcrafted Gold Balm – this can be used as a cleanser, a moisturiser, a nourishing marks or as a base for your loose powder foundation turning it into a beautiful tinted moisturiser.
  • Emerald Elixir – This is our best performer. Think of it as the all rounder on your shelf. With a hydrosol base, it soothes and hydrates while ingredients like Vitamin B3, Co Enzyme Q10 and Kakadu Plum brighten and help reduce pigmentation.

Clients will often tell us they need the smallest amount when using these products and they last much longer.

As for makeup, try RMS’s Lip2Cheek pots that we’re big fans of or TMF’s brow pomade that acts as your brow colour and a wash of colour on your eyelids, too.

Consider long-lasting beauty treatments

I know, I know. Making an appointment and spending an hour in the salon chair for a treatment like a brow tint or lash lift seems excessive, and it is definitely a luxury. But I’m a big believer in investing in treatments like these to minimise time and product each morning as you’re scootin’ out the door. Most treatments last 6-8 weeks (everyone’s different!) and think of all the other things you could do each morning during that time without having to worry about mascara! Make yourself a coffee, meditate, sleep in!

What are you Lo Fi beauty tips?