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Ways to keep your skin looking fresh when you're sat in front of your computer 9-5>

Ways to keep your skin looking fresh when you're sat in front of your computer 9-5>

Sitting at a computer screen (or iDevice) has become an occupational hazard that is unavoidable in today’s professional arena. But how many times have you caught yourself intensely thinking about a problem or reading in in-depth email and furrowing your brow or squinting? Yeah, us too! Over time this can cause wrinkles and frown lines.  

Add into the mix the increased exposure to blue light emitted from laptops, computer screens and our phones, and our skin is getting another battering alongside environmental stressors and whatever else we put it through.

Our top tips for keeping your skin fresh when you’re in front of a computer 9-5, Monday to Friday?

Keep a facial mist handy

Often sitting in an office at your computer also coincides with sitting in air conditioning or heating. So having a hydrating facial mist, like our Little Alchemist Kyella Rose Mist, handy and spritzing throughout the day can really give back to your skin’s hydration. It is also a simple way to create several moments throughout your day to stop, take a deep breath and reset. If you really want to go all out for Summer, keep it in the fridge for a cooling spritz!

 Give your skin the best defence

Dermatologists agree[1] that, just like when going out in the sun, protecting your skin from the get go is one of the better defences against damage. Antioxidants like a Vitamin C serum (we love and use the Little Alchemist’s Vit C Radiance Serum, and a mineral sunscreen (which you should be wearing daily without question!) can go a long way to giving our delicate facial skin some protection from these modern emissions.

 SPF - It’s non negotiable

Sure, your whole day might be planned around not leaving the office that doesn’t mean you get to skip an SPF in the morning. It is a skincare step that should never be forgotten, especially in Australia! For oily skin we’d recommend the beautiful Simple as That SPF and for normal/dry skin our new favourite is the Magic Earth Mumma lightly tinted facial solar balm (which we now sell in the salon). Because, UV light is indoors too!

Facial Massage

A facial massage as part of your nightly skincare routine is not only damn relaxing but it works to correct any damage from throughout the day. Use a facial massage tool like a gua sha wand or face roller to stimulate the lymphatic system and support your skin to renew and restore.

Legs up the wall

This is such a simple and great tip for any time in the day. Simply lay on the floor, shimmy up to the wall and slide your legs up at a 90 degree angle. This is great for getting blood flow back into the head, helps with lymphatic drainage and again is just a good excuse to take a moment to pause and step away from the screen! I like to think of it as like having a coffee without the energy crash after.