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We’ve always used the best and now they’re standing on a world stage

We’ve always used the best and now they’re standing on a world stage

Since starting Kindred Toxin Free Facials we have supported small-batch natural beauty brands and introduced them to clients with each ritual we have performed.

These brands have always stood out to me and when selecting what products I would use in treatments I was very specific about what I wanted. The brands I would work with needed to have integrity, transparency, a creator who was passionate and authentic and ingredients of the highest quality.

I found all of these in the brands you see on our shelf at Kindred Toxin Free Facials and the products we use in our treatments every day. Brands including Alyssum Alchemy, Mohi, Wildcrafted Organics Skincare, Biologi and The Little Alchemist have been products we have used and loved (some longer than others!)

Lily, Hannah and I have known these brands and the products their creators make are simply the best and have shown clients the efficacy of these products for different skin types, in turn creating fans of these little brands that could.

And this is why it is so exciting to see many of these brands and products take centre stage at the recently announced Beauty Shortlist Awards. We’ve always known how truly wonderful these products are and now they get the spotlight on a world stage.

Kindred sends massive congratulations to these brands who we consider true partners in what we do.

Try these products for yourself and enjoy time for you with our Kindred Aligned Treatment

If you want to see what is so great about these products book in for our limited Aligned ritual where we use all of these products (depending on skin type and needs) and Alyssum Alchemy’s very special crystal-infused Aligned Oil to ground and centre you before the treatment begins and their Clarity Oil to finish and return you to your day with calm, grace and vitality.

Each Aligned treatment ($179 or $225 with a Dermalux LED treatment added in) booked and pre-paid before July 31st will take home a deluxe gift bag that includes samples of all of the 2019 Beauty Shortlist products we use in salon valued at more than $150.

2019 Beauty Shortlist Award Winners Featured at Kindred