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A Powder To Make Your Skin Glow (And no, I don’t mean an illuminating powder)

A Powder To Make Your Skin Glow (And no, I don’t mean an illuminating powder)

We all know that there’s only so much that facials and skincare can do to give you the long desired for glow that is so very on trend right now. I mean, I’m good, but if you’re not taking care of your insides with plenty of water, good whole foods and plenty of sleep and rest then my magic is only going to go so far.


And, in today’s fast-paced world, so many of our minerals and vitamins that we would have traditionally garnered from the food we eat are diminished and as a result we look for supplements to help boost our vitality and wellbeing.

Of course, those who know me, won’t be surprised to know that I pick my supplements with the same level of dedicated research and attitude as the product I use during treatments. That is, if I wouldn’t use it on myself I won’t use it on clients. And that’s how I started discovering the benefits of marine collagen supplements. Right now, I use and recommend Proplenish but there are several available on the market. 

Why Marine Collagen?


Collagen is naturally occurring in all of us but like most things it diminishes with age. By taking a supplement like Proplenish you can strengthen your hair, rejuvenate skin and increase hydration and resilience. Fun fact: it can also help with muscle recovery for those of us training at the gym on the regular. But perhaps what I like most is that it doesn’t feel like something that gets added to my to-do list. I add it into my water bottle each day and it’s done. As I sip throughout the day I’m getting the extra oomph I need.

How I take it?

For best results, it is suggested to take 2-3 times a day but, let’s be honest, this depends on budget (it works out to be about $1.50/day). Initially I recommend clients (if they can) take two sachets of Proplenish a day for the first month and then reduce to one sachet a day. If I’ve had a busy day or went out (past my strict 9pm bedtime) I’ll push to three a day for extra oomph. What I love most is that it’s so easy to take. I add it to water (lemon flavour is my favourite) and know that there’s nothing artificial or any fillers.

Why I love it?

I’m like everyone else. I want to see that something is working and after two weeks of consistent use I saw my skin had become clearer, I wasn’t needing to wear as much makeup and my skin felt more hydrated. If we’re talking honestly, it was the fine lines around my eyes that I first noticed. They were less visible! Plus, my hair and nails were growing a little faster and stronger.

It is something I definitely recommend to all clients but especially to brides as they prepare for their big day. Ideally, at least 6 months out to get the maximum result.