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Ingredients I’m Loving: Kakadu Plum

Ingredients I’m Loving: Kakadu Plum

There’s many things I love about my job and one that continues to excite me is the exploration of ingredients in skincare and the results they can deliver to a client.

Long-time clients will know that I transitioned from traditional beauty to focus on holistic skincare and natural beauty just over two years ago. It was research into ingredients that are within our skin care, makeup, and home cleaning ingredients (basically everything!) that led me to make this change and I continue to research and keep my eye on what is the next great thing to boost a product (naturally, of course!).

And that brings me to a new series on the Kindred blog. I want to talk to you about the ingredients that pack a punch in the skincare I use in the studio, on myself and recommend to clients. The first: Kakadu Plum fruit extract.

On an average week 30 clients will visit my studio and the majority have the same request. They all want glowing skin. Of course, a lot of this is influenced by diet, but as a beauty therapist I can help clients find an outer glow using natural Vitamin C. Enter Kakadu Plum, considered the richest source of Vitamin C. This native Australian ingredient is around 60 times more concentrated in Vitamin C than your average orange!

Used twice daily, clinical studies have shown that correctly extracted Kakadu Plum can increase hydration and skin elasticity, plus reduce levels of pigmentation, dark spots and redness. So you see why I’m excited about it!

It is native to Arnhem Land (located in northern Australia for any international readers) and as you can imagine our country’s indigenous communities have used this ingredient for many thousands of years. Mostly it was used for its antiseptic and healing properties but also was used in bush tucker too.

I use small batch skincare products in all of my glow facial treatments but for at-home care or those unable to visit me in the studio, I’d recommend the Erica Brooke Daily Dose Moisturiser and (the soon to be released) Erica Brooke Emerald Elixir that I’ll have in my online store. Both of these also have Co Enzyme Q10 to give you an anti-ageing power house.