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5 Favourite Supplements for Good Skin

5 Favourite Supplements for Good Skin

I firmly believe in beauty from the inside out and what better time to restart your quest for glowing skin than a new year. If you're going to invest in looking after your skin with great skincare then doing the work to keep your insides functioning at their best will make for the best results. A beautiful facial may feel good and help draw out toxins, but if you keep putting those things inside your body or you have health issues affecting your hormones, for example, there is only so much external treatments like facials will do. As well as regular movement and a wholefoods diet (I try to avoid dairy as it just doesn't agree with me), I love supplements – especially at this time of year when work is a little busier and I'm at a few more social gatherings to celebrate the end of year.  

Proplenish Sachets

I tell everyone about these. The 100% marine collagen sachets are super convenient, as you can take them anywhere in your handbag. Just dissolve one into your water or add to your morning smoothie each day for a glowing complexion and beautiful skin, hair and nails. The citrus flavour makes it a bit more enjoyable! If you’re worried about waste, it also comes in a loose powder.

The Beauty Chef’s Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder

This beauty blend is packed to the brim with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and probiotics to build glowing skin from the inside out. The drinkable tonic aids in digestion and gut health – with no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives It’s also lactose-, dairy- and sugar-free. I add this to my smoothie each morning but will also pop in to a cup of herbal tea.

Moon Juice’s Moon Dusts

Perfect for alkalising, aiding digestion, boosting your metabolism – plus many other benefits – these moon dusts can be mixed and matched according to what you’re after the most. The Beauty Dust is great for supple skin, shiny hair and bright eyes; I use the Brain Dust for when I most need clarity, creativity and a good memory; and I love the Dream Dust for when I need a deep, sound sleep (which is basically always!). Just add a spoonful to your nut milk, tea, water or smoothie. I've only recently gotten my hands on these as they're not yet available in Australia, and so far I'm enjoying the extra boost!

Prana Protein Powder in Himalayan Salted Caramel

Prana is a great supplement if you have an active lifestyle. Not only is the Himalayan Salted Caramel version as delicious as it sounds, but it’s one of the cleanest and purest natural protein powders on the market. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free to boot. I'll have this with a smoothie on the mornings I train at Eat, Run, Lift to help with muscle recovery and to keep me feeling full!

HealthForce Nutritionals’ Green Protein Alchemy – Desert Sun Blend

This stuff is 100% protein, 100% wholefood and 100% superfood. The spirulina and chlorella help to protect and regenerate the kidneys, alkalise the body, aid digestion and immune function – all of which lead inevitably to beautiful, clear skin!
I started using just one teaspoon per day, and have increased to about a tablespoon, but because it’s a pure food, it can be consumed in any quantity really. I like it in a smoothie, but you can use it in pure water, juices, nut milk, and salad dressings. Vital Greens is a similar and locally available product you could test out!