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How Diamond-head Microdermabrasion Helps Your Glow

How Diamond-head Microdermabrasion Helps Your Glow

A core part of my signature glow treatments is using the diamond-head microdermabrasion as the exfoliating portion of my rituals. Often, first-time clients can be put off by the word 'microdermabrasion', thinking it will damage their skin – especially clients with sensitive skin. But in this blog post I want to lay this to rest. Microdermabrasion has changed since the days of crystal dermabrasion, which tended to be quite effective unless you had sensitive skin. At Kindred Toxin Free Facials, I use a diamond-head microdermabrasion which is a far gentler alternative.

Why use it at all?

Well, new skin cells are created in the basal layer, which is the deepest layer of the epidermis. New cell growth is stimulated by exfoliation, whether it be natural or with a little help from mechanical or chemical exfoliation treatments. When cells regenerate in the basal layer, they migrate towards the top layers of the epidermis, and they begin to die. When it reaches the top layer, it is completely dead. This is when you might notice your skin feeling rougher than normal, perhaps your moisturiser or serums aren't feeling as effective and your makeup isn't applying as smoothly.

And this is where microdermabrasion comes in handy. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation that causes a light resurfacing of the skin, in which a portion of the top layer is removed. With the process I use in the salon, removing this portion of the skin gets the lower epidermal and dermal cells moving and stimulating new cell growth. This is in part what creates your post-facial glow.

What it looks like at Kindred Toxin Free

I start by using oil based cleansers (instead of harsh, stripping cleansers), which means we get the skin completely hydrated before we begin. Basically, we get your skin full and juicy! Otherwise it's like ripping into paper and can cause a lot of damage to the skin.

With the diamond-head, I have full control over the level of exfoliation and suction, so I can choose to not use the micro head on certain areas – for example, if I feel the capillaries are damaged or too close to the surface, my 16 years’ experience tells me to leave those parts alone!

I call my process the 'trilogy' – exfoliation + blood flow + lymphatic drainage – which draws not only the blood to the surface, but physically picks up the lymph, which gives an amazing lymphatic drainage benefit. Another reason why it is important to make sure you stay hydrated after a treatment to ensure you're keeping all those toxins draining out!

I always follow with a healing oil that suits your skin type, and often the Gold Balm, which has amazing healing properties, without being heavy, and then give a further luxurious oil-based lymphatic massage with my hands, which is extremely relaxing. By using healing oils straight away, we calm the skin and it starts the healing process immediately, so you never leave red. Most recently I've started finishing with a rose quartz wand which enhances the cooling, calming and lymphatic drainage results. 

It's all about getting the right balance with everything, stimulating the skin just enough, removing dead skin cells, infusing the right oils, healing mists for your skin type, and applying a mask to suit different parts of your face. It all synergises to create that incredible glow that you’re looking for.