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5 Oils That I'm Loving Right Now

5 Oils That I'm Loving Right Now

Oils! (Did you flinch?) That’s ok, I understand. For years the mainstream beauty industry has been pushing ‘oil-free’ products to the masses as a being better alternative for your skin. But if you think that putting oils onto your face will automatically result in break-outs then it’s time to pop on a new thinking cap.

Perfect for keeping your skin vibrant and young, incorporating an oil into your daily routine begins with recognising the difference between oils that clog your pores (goodbye coconut oil) and ones that nourish them (hello rose-hip oil).

So if you’re considering adding a great skin oil to your skin regime then look no further because I’ve created a guide to the 5 face oils that I’m loving right now.

  1. Mohi Gold Oil

This skin boosting, wonder product is so good, it sold out in just one day! It’s no wonder with skin loving ingredients like Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract (affectionately known as nature’s botox), coenzyme Q10, Omegas 3,6,9 and 24-carat gold leaf (to give your skin that extra glow). Just pop 2-3 drops over mist ( and emerald elixir ) nightly and 1 drop into your daily moisturizer and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your complexion. We’re expecting another shipment in the first week of June, so make sure you pre-order yours today or risk missing out again!  


  1.  Wildcrafted 24kt balm

Speaking of gold (it’s the must have skincare ingredient right now!), this positively luxe product courtesy of Wildcrafted is worthy of mention. Better suited for normal/oily skin, the lightweight formula glides over the skin giving just enough moisture to feel fresh and dewy, without that oil slick feeling. Use it as a soothing balm at the end of a long day or keep your make-up feeling fresh and pretty all day by mixing a drop into your mineral makeup.

  1. Emerald elixir

If you’ve ever had a facial with me before you’ll already know how much I love this product! ‘So what’s all the fuss about’ you ask? Well, with powerhouse ingredients like blue spirulina, the healing properties of tamanu oil, coenzyme Q10, Kakadu plum and Australian natural caffeine, it will heal your skin, plump up your fine lines, even out your skin tone and increase your skin’s natural collagen production - heck, the only thing it doesn’t do is cook you dinner.

  1. Miskin facial oils

Does your skin love a little extra boost at night time? Then these intensive treatments by Miskin are for you! With three beautiful formulas to choose from there’s something to suit every skin type. Choose from Calm - restorative, healing, made for sensitive skin, Balance - lightweight, correcting, perfect for clients aged 22-40, or Revive - restorative, antioxidant rich, best for mature skin.

  1. Miskin Honey Apple Balm

While this product is not strictly an oil or serum, it’s key ingredients include camellia oil which does a fantastic job of smoothing and re-hydrating dull skin. Pop this mask once a week after cleansing and let the natural AHA exfoliating ingredients including apple juice concentrate, white clay and honey go to work. It’s like sending your skin on a lovely little holiday.