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Brand Spotlight: The Little Alchemist

Brand Spotlight: The Little Alchemist

All Australian made, The Little Alchemist is one of my absolute favourites brands to use in my rituals, and in my own skin routine also. An all Australian brand with a firm focus on sourcing only the finest natural ingredients, their skin loving range of products are suitable for most skin types and are perfect for giving your skin an extra boost in the chilly season.

A lot of my clients are drawn to The Little Alchemist because it’s easy to use - and let’s be honest some of these products smell good enough to eat!

Our top picks of the bunch? Just take a look the range below!  

Kyella Rose Mist: Don’t have time to stop and smell the roses? Rehydrate tired skin with this antioxidant rich spray made from Bulgarian rose, goji berry and Gotu Kala. Mist the spray over your face and body for an instant lift and see how quickly everything will come up roses - sorry, couldn’t resist.

Eye Complex: Puffy eyes and fine lines be gone! Banish those pesky little imperfections with some TLC and generous pump of this beauty blockbuster. Packed full of skin loving ingredients like Wheatgrass, Camellia Seed Oil, Co Enzyme Q10 and Hibiscus  Flower it’s the perfect addition to every beauty routine.

Vit C Radiance Serum: I’m a huge fan of incorporating Vitamin C into my beauty routine, but if you find that mixing the powdered variety into your products a bit time consuming - not to mention messy - then this serum is for you! Just pop a drop onto your skin after cleansing and then top up with your favourite moisturiser. Talk about seriously glowing results.

Glow Mask: Life gets busy, so I understand that not everyone can make time to schedule their facials as frequently as they would like. Which is why having this glow mask in your cupboard is damn handy. It’s jam packed full of papaya for exfoliation, nourishing cacao, and turmeric root which works as a great anti-inflammatory. It’s no wonder why I like to call it my ‘facial in a jar’.