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5 Skin Products I Love (for winter)

5 Skin Products I Love (for winter)

 Can you feel it? That subtle change in the air. Morning and nights are cooler and we’re spending a little longer under the shower to keep warm. You know it is Autumn and soon Winter when getting out of the shower in the morning is that much harder.

And in the office, the air-con is starting to blast a little warmer air. When you go out for your morning coffee, the cool breeze hits your face and you pull your jacket closed to rug up.

Seasonal changes like this can have a big effect on your skin. You might already notice that your skin is a little drier, maybe it feels tighter after cleansing.

But the change in season doesn’t have to mean your skin suffers. My top five products to help support your skin during the season are:

 Miskin Honey Apple Mask

  1. Mists (anything with a hydrosol base) - these are great products to keep your skin happy and hydrated throughout the day. I like to use them morning and night, after cleansing and before serums or moisturisers, for a surge of moisture. They’re also super-handy to carry in your handbag or have at your desk for a spritz throughout the day. My current favourites are the Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Mist and a new one we are trialling (and loving) Alpine + Sea Skin Water Jet Lag mist. For extra punch, try the Erica Brooke Emerald Elixir at night as your serum, too.
  2. Erica Brooke Ultra Light Day Cream - Erica created this for Queensland’s humid summers, but because of its hyaluronic acid content it is also a gem at plumping and hydrating the skin during winter. Use this of a morning after your mist, serum and before sunscreen / makeup.
  3. Wildcrafted Skincare Everlasting Beauty Balm - This luxurious balm is your best friend in winter. Use as your night-time moisturiser or as a mask for the ultimate hydration and calming treat for your skin. And did I mention it has 24k gold flakes?
  4. Miskin Honey Apple Mask - Yes, this might smell good enough to eat, but it is also a powerful moisturising mask to use once a week. Suitable for all skin types, it also gently exfoliates and protects your skin from dryness, repairs damage and improves elasticity.
  5. Miskin Anti-Inflammatory Skin Shot - During cooler weather add this to everything - your moisturiser, gently dab under your eyes and around your nose (make sure to mist first!). The potent combination of blackcurrant co2 extract and natural forms of Vitamin E create a natural barrier to protect against hydration lost and environmental irritants.

And, as you’ll hear us say year round, make sure you’re also supporting your skin (and general well-being) by drinking enough water and eating foods that support hydration, immunity and energy production.