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Kindred Wellness Event #3 - Financial Self-Care with Cara from Bounce Financial

Money and sitting down to work out where it is going isn’t the most Instagram-worthy act of self-care. But without a solid financial foundation all the masks and bubble-baths aren't going to help steer your ship. That's why for our third Kindred Wellness Event we partnered with Cara from Bounce Financial to talk honestly about our relationship to money. As she said, “Taking care of your money is one of your greatest acts of self-care, if you don’t have the money you can’t take care of yourself in other areas of your life.”

Cara, whose mantra is about learning how to use your cash to do the things you want to do and having a plan for it, spoke at our third wellness event at Merci Event Space and shared her easy-to-follow tips for setting up a workable budget that even allows a daily coffee.

Cara Brett Bounce Financial Quote

Her top tips and insights from the event?

  • Most people are afraid they’re not tracking where they should be and know they should be doing “something” but aren’t sure what that is
  • Trying to get it perfect before you start isn’t the best tactic. Small acts daily can add up to a big result.
  • “If you earn money, you owe it to yourself to learn how to use it.”
  • Work out how much your whole life costs - that’s everything from your morning coffee, the clothes you buy, the dog’s monthly wash, gym, rent or mortgage - all of it
  • Direct any left over money to your goals - holidays, investments, children
  • Segregate and automate your accounts so you don’t have to worry
  • Have three accounts:
    • Account 1 for Everyday Money - groceries, spending money (take out as cash each week / fortnight to be more mindful about what you spend), petrol
    • Account 2 for Bills - electricity, rego, gifts, emergency fund, health
    • Account 3 for Goals - savings, investments, goals

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Thanks for Merci Event Space, Yes Joy and Cara for making this event possible.