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Brand Spotlight: Erica Brooke Skincare

Brand Spotlight: Erica Brooke Skincare

Erica Brooke Skincare is one of my favourite skincare brands. Erica's range was also one of the first I tried and began thinking about using in my rituals when I started this journey into cleaner products for my skin. Created and formulated in Queensland (local and small batch, how great!), her products contain none of the usual nasties, such as parabens, sls, slse, propylene glycol, phthalates, fragrance, harsh alcohols or GMOs. Her packaging is minimal and recyclable, and her ingredients are unrefined and organic.  

Many of my clients love Erica’s products because they are so multi-use and have now made them a part of their own daily skincare routine. They are designed with so much intention and love, which is exactly the reason I love working with small batch brands. 

It all started for Erica when she was working in a coffee roasting house. Her hands were cracked and irritated from grinding and making coffee all day, and she couldn’t find a product that worked. After experimenting in the kitchen to make a hand scrub, she started making enough for her grateful colleagues too, and then she never really stopped… 

The Product List 

  • Honey Cream Cleanser ($36): while this works on all skin types, it absolutely shines for those needing something a bit healing, such as those with acne-prone skin. Because it is chock full of both Manuka and raw honeys, the healing power here is incredible (you can read more about why I love honey here). As well as using it as a daily cleanser, I love to leave it on once a week as a mask. It is also great as a cleanser post-workout!  
  • Daily Dose Moisturiser ($58): as well as the hydration you’d expect from a moisturiser, this one is packed with antioxidants to soothe as well. It’s medium weight, so good for the cooler seasons, and can be used both morning and night. 
  • The Ultra-Light Day Cream ($58): this is like a light veil for your skin with a serum texture. Anyone who lives in Brisbane can attest to the way moisturisers tend to create a thick, sweaty layer on your face during summer. The Ultra-Light was created with just this in mind. 
  • Emerald Elixir ($85): I go on and on about ‘EE’ because there is literally no one I wouldn’t recommend it to. It’s an all-natural water-based serum full of nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients. It’s anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce scarring and age spots, adds moisture without weighing you down, and helps your skin produce collagen. It’s an absolute must have. 
  • The Spot Stick ($30): as with all of Erica’s products, this one is a magic combination that does just what it’s supposed to do. Use it morning and night over your moisturiser whenever you’re breaking out. It will reduce inflammation, heal scarring and fight the bacteria.