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Post-Facial Sun Protection 101

Post-Facial Sun Protection 101

It is no coincidence that after most of my facial rituals I will apply an SPF to your skin before you leave - even in winter! A facial treatment involving something like microdermabrasion or a peel work to remove dead skin at the top layers of your facial skin to expose the new, clear layers underneath. The immediate effect of this is that your new, undamaged skin is left somewhat vulnerable and can burn easily. While we should all be applying an SPF daily, it is more important in the week following a treatment involving any microdermabrasion or peel.   

But on the day of your facial especially, your skin needs maximum sun protection. Another small side effect is that you might find your regular sunscreen leaves your skin a bit irritated. I normally use a natural sunscreen, and I definitely recommend them post-treatment. 

Natural sunscreen can also be referred to as blockers or mineral sunscreens, because they use mineral ingredients such as titanium and zinc to deflect the sun’s rays. I love them because they offer a fuller spectrum of protection in addition to being toxin free. Most protect against both types of rays – UVB (which burns skin) and UVA (which cause age-related damage). Any product using zinc oxide will have you covered by both. 

Natural Sunscreens I Love 

{Simple as That} Natural Sunscreen Lotion 

This 100% natural lightweight formulation is perfect for layering under makeup. The beautiful satin finish offers UVA and UVB protection using zinc oxide without feeling heavy on the skin. The green tea, rosehip oil and red raspberry seed oil also offer natural protection as well as nourishment. 

Drift Essentials Suncream 

Using the latest in sunscreen technology, Drift Essentials have crafted this SPF50+ cream that is 4 hours’ water resistant, broad spectrum and packed with botanical aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe the skin. 

Antipodes Immortal SPF Face & Body Cream 

This moisturising face cream has the added benefit of a natural sun protection and a lot of clients find it a mainstay for their daily SPF before applying makeup. It's packed with anti-oxidants and plant-based hyaluronic acid so will also keep skin hydrated throughout the day.