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Brisbane Beauty Services I Love

Brisbane Beauty Services I Love

I love my adopted hometown of Brisbane. It’s full of amazing restaurants and cafés, a community of likeminded biz ladies, and sunshine for weeks and weeks on end. I also have endless options when it comes to incredible health and beauty practitioners. I take my own wellbeing seriously – not only so I can keep feeling good but so I can make sure I am able to keep giving my clients the very best. I wanted to share a few of my go-to treatments when I need someone else to take care of me!

Lash Sculpt at Brisbane Lash Angels, Bulimba

This treatment makes me feel like a princess. They sculpt your lashes to different lengths and thicknesses, which makes them look like you're wearing the world's best mascara and they're incredible without being too OTT! I'm loving mine at the moment. With the hot days I love wearing as little makeup as possible and these give me that polished look without needing a tonne of makeup.  

Omnilux at The Skin Suite, Hawthorne

For a quick skin pick-me-up (when I don’t want to do it myself!), The Skin Suite’s Omnilux is the answer. They re-energise my skin in 20 minutes, and it increases collagen, hydration and my mood! I’ll definitely be booking one in before Christmas (to soothe Christmas party inflammation).

Nails at Sensational Nails, Stones Corner

There is something particularly special about having perfectly manicured nails! A good gel that doesn’t harm my nail beds is super important to me. I always go to Vesna for her Bio Sculptural Gel manicure, because it lasts and is gentle on nails.

Infrared Sauna at Hypoxi, Newstead

I know some people don’t like saunas, but I love them! The Hypoxi infrared sauna is perfect when I need to relax or detox – even if I can only make time for half an hour, I’ll still go – it’s worth it! The heat is a lot less intense than a standard sauna and more comforting. It’s an immunity boosting, pain relieving, skin purifying treatment I can’t do without.

Yoga with ClassPass

And of course, I can’t go without yoga. Whether it’s to stretch and bend my way to peacefulness or an energising, detoxification when I’ve overindulged on the weekend, I can always find a yoga class that works with my time and location if I use ClassPass. And sometimes it’s just what I need – no excuses!

Japanese Cosmo Face Lifts

Now, while I’m all about natural beauty, I’m not immune to wanting to look my best and enhancing what I already have. When I feel like my skin needs an extra oomph I make an appointment with Tracey. She offers Japanese Cosmo Face Lifts which are an hour of facial massage, acupressure and reiki.  The massage is designed to improve circulation while firming the muscles of the face. Think of it as a gym workout for your face! Your complexion is clearer thanks to an increase in blood flow, lymphatic drainage and a natural increase in the production of collagen and elastin. I feel like this is the ultimate in lifting, firming and add-on to a regular Glow ritual. If you’ve been thinking of a natural alternative to botox I’d highly recommend seeing Tracey first.