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Spoil yourself with Kindred Toxin Free's Hand Picked Christmas Gift Packs

Spoil yourself with Kindred Toxin Free's Hand Picked Christmas Gift Packs

It’s randomly storming and sticky by 9am, which means only one thing: it must be almost Christmas. This year we’ve decided to make things especially easy for shoppers – our four gift kits are designed to work together to calm, nourish and pamper our loved ones. 

Pack 1: The Detoxed Body Kit 

The party never seems to end around Christmas and New Year’s, so I've created this kit with Wild Crafted Organic’s detox tea and the Today is Ours body scrub. These two products have been wonderful additions to my own self-care routine. Start your detox from the inside out by sipping this tea to calm the tummy and get those toxins moving out. The body scrub is a blend of certified organic, fair trade ingredients designed to nourish and rehydrate your skin, leaving it restored and repaired. 

This kit is perfect for a colleague, cousin or favourite client! 

RRP $42 

Pack 2: The Shemana Kit 

Featuring a range of delicious things by Shemana (which I have been using in the studio), this kit will have the recipient covered from morning to night. I use both of these mists at home and with clients and adore them! Starting with Crystal Mist in the morning to give you balance and alignment of energy, you’ll move onto the Dream Mist in the evening to allow inspiration to be awakened so that dreams may come true. The Body Oil is especially formulated to enhance vitality, healing and guidance for the body, mind and spirit. I think this is the perfect gift for a busy sister or girlfriend. 

RRP $92 

Pack 3: The Sacred Kit 

Along with the detox tea, body scrub and Shemana body oil in the previous kits, The Sacred Kit includes the Alyssum Alchemy Siren Song Bath Soak and Sacred Space Mist. I came across the Alyssum Alchemy brand earlier this year and have been impressed by the quality and properties of the products. The bath soak creates a perfectly luxurious bathing ritual with the purifying benefits of Australian salts, kelp and pink clay. The mist activates your Crown and Third Eye chakras to calm an active mind. Perfect for meditation, yoga or space cleansing. I think this is lovely for Mum or Mum-In-Law or someone that just needs some luxe in their life. 

RRP $215 

Pack 4: His Kit 

We are under no illusions that men don’t like being pampered! This kit for him contains the Shemana Man Oil – for smooth skin and tamed beards! – and the Today is Ours body scrub for smoothing out any extra roughness. 

RRP $53 

Something for you... 

Add this restoring and relaxing ritual to your Christmas order to give to a loved one or to keep for yourself. During this 60 minute ritual, you'll dive deep into a relaxing bliss starting with a 15 minute back massage and dream mist. Following, we'll de-stress with my signature facial ritual using either diamond-head microdermabrasion to help with lymphatic drainage or an anti-inflammatory skin shot. Plus, you can keep your zen state when you take home a Shemana Elixir Dream Mist of your own. Must be booked online and to be used by 31 July, 2017.  Only available for purchase until 25th Dec 2016.