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How long should I use a product for before I know it's working?

How long should I use a product for before I know it's working?

‘How long does it take for skincare products to work?’ It’s the million dollar question that every skincare professional gets asked by their clients and we’re certainly no stranger to it at Kindred. We’re all busy and we like to get the most out of our rituals so we understand that one of the hardest things about committing to a new skincare regime can be sticking it through to see results - remember your skin has a 28 day regenerative cycle. So, if you’re finding that you’re a serial dumper, moving on to the next product and continually not seeing results, here’s our handy guide to how long you should hold out for to see the best results. 

Facial Cleanser: 30 Days
No matter how hard you try,  your face is going to get dirty. From the make-up and sunscreen you pop on in the mornings to the dirt that just naturally flies around the air in our environment, washing your face in the evenings with a cleanser is integral to keeping your skin healthy. But don’t expect miracles! If you’re looking to target problems like dryness or dullness it could still take up to a month before you really start seeing results. Patience is a virtue.

Serum: 1 - 2 Months
Serums are like a skincare genie in a bottle! But even a genie needs some time to make miracles happen. So if you buy yourself a nice new serum on a Monday expecting to wake up on the Tuesday looking ten years younger - I’m sorry, you’re going to be left feeling a bit miffed. While serums can help boost your overall skincare, it can still take up to 8 weeks before you see the full effects of their results.

Moisturizer: Instantly
Well, isn’t this a nice surprise! After all that waiting around for your other products to step up to the challenge at least you can count on your trusty moisturiser to get down business from day one! Keeping your skin hydrated even throughout the summer months is vital to keeping your complexion glowing, but while you can expect to see your skin instantly plumped up after the first use, hold out for about 2 weeks to see the full results - you might find that it might be too heavy for your skin or that you need to boost it with serum. And remember, your moisturiser needs can change with the seasons so what works for now may need to be swapped for a heavier choice in winter and lighter in the warmer months.

Acne treatments: 24 hours - 12 weeks (if at all).
The most common question we get asked at  Kindred Toxin Free (in fact, just ask any skin care professional) is how long it will take to banish pimples and acne. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a lot of the time treating acne with topical products is only one part of the solution. Depending on what’s causing your skin troubles (diet, hormones, medication, stress) it can take anywhere between 24 hours to 12 weeks to see improvement in your skin. But don’t give up! With a little bit of trial and error you can still end up on the track to better skin. If you’re concerned about acne, I do online consultations and can give you a head start on how to get your skin back on track.

Exfoliating brushes: 21 Days
Exfoliation, especially in winter is important to help your body purge that nasty old layer of skin to reveal new and shiny skin beneath. Once or twice a week is plenty. If after three weeks you find that your skin is actually looking worse than it’s a sign you’re overdoing it - just because you spent $300 on a rotating skin buffer does not mean you need to use it everyday. Listen to your skin, treat it with respect and it will love you back!