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Introducing the Empress Ritual Treatment

Introducing the Empress Ritual Treatment

I have been in the skincare industry for almost 18 years and I still get excited to create new treatments to share with our Kindred community. Our signature Kindred treatment, the Glow ritual, has always included massage elements with a focus on lymphatic drainage. The reason we make sure this is in every Kindred ritual is that our lymph nodes are where our bodies eliminate toxins from the body and dedicated gentle massage can help with this process; reducing fluid retention, stimulating collagen production and let's be honest it feels great!

Towards the end of last year, I started looking for ways we could take this to the next level in our Kindred rituals and began researching the ancient practice of facial gua sha. Gua Sha, often used in traditional Chinese medicine, is believed to release unhealthy elements all while stimulating blood flow and healing. Perfect for a nourishing facial, right? A little different to full body gua sha, we use beautiful rose quartz (a crystal known for supporting and promoting self-love and acceptance) crystal gua sha wands that are designed to gently move across the contours of our face and décolletage.

All of this led me to think, "The Kindred Glow facials is good (there’s a reason it is our most popular ritual), but what if we had a ritual that took it to the next level with extra massage to really support your skin’s healing, complexion and still an hour of time just for you.”

And, that’s what leads me to introduce you to Kindred’s newest ritual - The Empress. 

As with every Kindred ritual, it incorporates a personalised facial ritual using our curated collection of organic and natural skincare to indulge your skin and spirit. Empress is about embracing healing and reconnection with your self. We’re using rose quartz gua sha wands and rollers, for the crystal’s symbolism for unconditional self-love and soothing vibrations to support healing and anti-ageing. Combining hand, arm and scalp massage to release tension and aid your lymphatic system drainage and detoxification, you’re sure to be in a very wonderful state of divine relaxation with acupressure facial massage to heal and promote your outer-glow.

Each 1 hour ritual is completed with Kindred’s signature white sage smudging guided meditation, Probiotic Kitchen kombucha and Loco Love chocolates. The first 25 rituals booked will also take home their own rose quartz gua sha wand and 24kt gold Mohi oil sample.

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