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The Kindred Guide to Using Palo Santo at Home

The Kindred Guide to Using Palo Santo at Home

Anyone that has visited us at Kindred Toxin Free knows how much we love to incorporate smudging into our rituals. We believe that using scents can help relax the mind, cleanse your energy and leave you feeling renewed - ok, let’s be honest they also smell fantastic! While we love to use white sage in our glow ritual, our particular favourite scent at the moment has got to be the earthy and subtle citrus notes of Palo Santo.

The Palo Santo tree is a native South American treasure that has been used in traditional medicine and ritual meditation for centuries. Not only does it smell heavenly when you burn it, but the smoke is known to have spiritual and therapeutic healing powers. It is said that the Shamans of the ancient Inca tribes used to burn Palo Santo before rituals to help ground themselves to the earth and harness its natural vibration. We incorporate Palo Santo into our rituals because we find that the scent does wonders for helping our clients cleanse their minds of their daily worries and really focus on giving back to themselves. At Kindred Toxin Free, we believe that taking the time to reconnect with yourself and showing yourself the kindness you deserve is one of the most valuable beauty treatments.

So, if you’re looking for a way to bring a little bit of extra self love into your routine, then why not try incorporating a daily smudging into your beauty routine, and recapture a little of the Kindred experience in your very own home.

  1. Cleanse your face before the ritual and apply your preferred weekly mask.

  2. Light your Palo Santo stick

  3. Let the stick catch fire and allow it burn for about 30 seconds.

  4. Gently blow out the flame and let the stick smoulder.

  5. Take a moment to appreciate the gentle earthy smells of the Palo Santo. A good quality Palo Santo should have subtle tones of citrus and mint.

  6. Place the stick  in a fireproof incense holder or bowl somewhere in your room and let the smoke gently fill the space.

  7. While you wait for your mask to sink in, take a moment to meditate. Meditation is different for everyone. Whether you like to chant, repeat a daily affirmation or simply want to sit still a moment and let your mind relax, find your own way to calm your mind and find your inner peace. Be sure to take time to thank yourself for the opportunity to heal your skin through a loving ritual, and heal your spiritual self through quiet reflection.

  8. The Palo Santo should smoulder for about five minutes before it goes out.

  9. Gently wash your mask off and follow with your usual mist, serum and moisturiser.