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Introducting Re:Grounded (our new take on the original Grounded treatment)

Last year we launched a facial ritual, Grounded, designed to aid in letting go of energy that was no longer serving us, nourish, calm and restore mind and body.

The popularity of the ritual was incredible and we are happy to say we are bringing it back this year - but with a twist!


I’ve partnered with a long-time friend and expert in aromatherapy, Keely Watson, to take the original Grounded ritual and make it even better. Together we have re-created the ritual, aptly named Re:Grounded (book your appointment here), to give Kindred clients a ritual that:

  • Grounds and encourages an inner-connection to the abundance of love and support that surrounds us all;
  • Gives support to our heart chakra, opening it to allow us to receive love and support
  • Includes crystal infusions with jade nephrite, black tourmaline and pyrite

Re: Grounded is an hour long ritual that begins with a grounding inhalation, blended exclusively by Keely for Kindred Toxin Free Facials, that uses bergamot, sweet orange, frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver to support healing, quiet the mind and deepen the breath.  Once we’ve settled you in for your treatment, Lily or myself will give you a grounding foot massage using our exclusive massage balm and move up the body to create connection with the heart and temples.

All Re:Grounded facial treatments use Keely’s Anahata Balm to further open the heart chakra and finishes with a scalp massage to bring your senses back to the present moment with a custom inhalation made by Keely using a blend of essential oils designed to awaken your spirit, keep you grounded and mindful as you go about your day.

Meet the Maker

To celebrate the launch of Re:Grounded we are hosting a Meet the Maker Yin and Skin event with Keely Watson – who is visiting us all the way from New Zealand – on Saturday July 28th. Tickets are now available!

Book in for this 1 hour ritual with either Lily or myself from August 1, 2018. Treatments are $179.