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Kindred and The Beauty Journal Natural Beauty Masterclass

Kindred and The Beauty Journal Natural Beauty Masterclass

I met Monique of The Beauty Journal last year and she is one of the brightest natural beauty advocates I know. Any wonder we hit it off instantly!

It didn't take us long to start throwing around ideas and the first seeds of hosting a natural beauty masterclass together were sown. We've recently held our first full-day masterclass and our second has sold out. 

Natalie Sellars Kindred Toxin Free Facials

We'll be hosting more and the best way to find out when they're being hosted is to follow me on Instagram

Hosting our first natural beauty masterclass was a true delight. From introducing our guests to the best products I've found for natural skincare and learning from Monique on how to best match foundation to your skin tone, how to contour, and getting to play with all the makeups - it was a lot of fun all round. Thanks to Monique's guidance I'm 99% sure I've found my perfect base with coverage and illuminating glow. 

Having worked in skincare for almost twenty years, it is opportunities like these that remind me why I started. I get such a kick out of seeing people learn how to make simple changes to their daily skincare and makeup routines that can have such great results. 

Natural Beauty Masterclass

Stay tuned for our next round of masterclass dates in Brisbane and for dates to be announced on the Gold Coast and Melbourne. 

Thanks to our partners in creating this event including Vida Glow and That Gettin' Space. 

Image by Kate Penberthy.