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So You’ve Never Had A Facial?

So You’ve Never Had A Facial?

A facial seems like the perfect treat before a big event, a divine way to indulge and a handy avenue to get expert advice on any skin issues. Book me up already! But as that first appointment looms, you start to think what actually really happens in a facial? And the nervousness sets in. 

As a skin care expert and facialist for the better part of two decades, let me put you at ease! There is absolutely nothing to worry about! But having provided facial rituals to countless lovely ladies over the years, I do understand that having a little heads up on the process can make a difference. 

If you are new to the world of facials (welcome!) here’s what you need to know: 

I’m Going To Ask You Some Questions 

Our whole raison d’etre here at Kindred Toxin Free Facials is to provide our lovely clients with holistic treatments. So, when I meet you I will ask you some questions about your skinis it oily, dry, do you get any blemishes or pigmentation? We also go a little deeper here and ask questions about lifestyle because what we put in our bodies (food and drink) is expressed outwardly on our skin too and might be contributing to the general picture 

The number one thing to remember is that I am not judging you (promise)! There is absolutely no ‘right answer’ and telling the truth is the best way you can help me choose the right treatments and products for your skin. 

The Products I Use Depend On You 

I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t know what products I’ll be using on you until I meet you! The products I choose to use will depend entirely on your skin and what we have discussed during your initial consultation. The good news is that all of our products are toxin free and handcrafted so they are high quality (and smell absolutely beautiful too!) 

Each step of the way, I’ll let you know what I’m about to do (cleansing, massaging, etc) and we give each of our clients a list of the products used throughout the facial, so you don’t need to worry about remembering anything. 

Stay Open And Enjoy The Ride 

Here at Kindred we treat the skin, but we also aim to create a nourishing, calming, restoring ritual. At the start of your facial we say affirmations and ask you to breathe deeply to bring in positivity and maximum relaxation. You might not be used to doing this on a daily basis, but just try to go with it! We see many ladies just melt into relaxation and we want that for you too.  

I’d also recommend that if it is your first time with us to honour your experience and arrive early so you can enjoy it right from the start. We have a car park with plenty of space right out the front so cross worrying about parking on Oxford Street off your list! And always remember, we don’t recommend getting a facial ritual on the same day as a big event or when you’re really pressed for time. Book in a week to a few days ahead to get maximum benefit.  

Head here to check out all of our facial rituals. We can’t wait to see you soon!