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Meet Jackie, Eunoia Soul Rituals

Meet Jackie, Eunoia Soul Rituals

We are excited to have teamed up with Jackie from Eunoia Soul Rituals to create a special Christmas collaboration. Find out more about the treatment (available for a limited time only!) and read on to learn more about the woman behind the beautiful Eunoia brand... 


What is Eunoia and why did you start the brand?

The idea to fuse skincare with soul rituals came from my own skin journey. As someone who has experienced problematic skin, I began to notice that my morning conversations with myself in the mirror were quite unhealthy. I went on a bit of a journey to change the way I spoke to myself and in doing so, came up with the idea of using my skincare as part of this morning self care practice I had developed. That eventually turned into Eunoia Soul Rituals – Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking’.

I also created Eunoia because I noticed that more and more women were developing an interest for spiritual practices, but weren’t quite sure how or why to practice them. I wanted to create something for those women, so that they could bring an element of ritual and self care into their daily life, without it finding too overwhelming. With Eunoia, your skincare routine becomes a ritual and we teach you how to infuse your morning with affirmations, self love, crystal healing and beautiful thinking into every Eunoia application. 

What is your favourite way to spend a day in Brisbane?

My favourite way to spend a day in Brisbane would definitely start at home with my family and puppies! It would include at least a coffee and maybe even breakfast out with friends - The flying Nun is Samford is one of my faves! I love going to the Crystal Warehouse in Mansfield when I’m in Brisbane to see what they have in stock. Then maybe a walk around kangaroo point or a pilates class. 

What is your favourite skincare product and why?

That’s a tough one. At the moment my favourite skincare product is our Eunoia X Wildcrafted Organics Connection Shimmer Oil. It a nourishing blend of Wildcrafted organic oils alongside vitamin C, CoQ10 and mica gold. It gives my skin the most beautiful glow and shine which I love especially coming into summer!

We are all leading increasingly busy lives, what is one easy way you think women can hit pause and take a moment for themselves each day?

We do live incredibly busy lives and creating that moment to pause is exactly what Eunoia was created for. I believe that every time we apply our skincare we have an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Instead of rushing through our skincare routine, we can turn it into a ritual by being present with ourselves; noticing the texture and scents of our products, how they make us feel, connecting to an intention or mantra. These simple steps take only a few minutes but can be incredibly impactful to our day.

What does soul ritual mean to you?

To me a soul ritual is a mindful practice that you prioritise each day because it makes you feel good. For me that she often skincare but it’s also meditation, movement, being creative, teaching pilates.. I believe that we have an opportunity to practice many different soul rituals across our day and Eunoia is just one of them.