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Our commitment to your skin health

Our commitment to your skin health

"Skin health is commitment between your skin therapist and yourself, it takes time, the right ingredients, education and the right treatment. 
Kindred combines traditional skin therapy with plants, science and potent botanicals for the skin. Add aromatherapy, meditation, massage and high-grade natural cosmetic procedures that support results for our clients.” 

21 years a skin therapist. That’s a lot of skin types and faces that I have treated. So, when we work together you’re getting more than “just a facial”, you’re getting a treatment from an experienced therapist who has worked in and managed spas and skin clinics in Australia and New Zealand.

Before embracing kind and green beauty five years ago, I trained with some of the biggest brands in traditional beauty. I earnt international qualifications in ITEC and Cidesco. 

I moved into management, training and educational roles. But as I moved into these positions, something was always missing and I knew their way wasn’t for me. 

Instead, I took what I’d learnt, combined it with my own year and years of research and guidance from industry mentors, and partnered with some of Australia’s best natural and small batch brands to create Kindred.

Kindred was created 

Kindred was a space where I could be the skin therapist I wanted to be. Where I could work with brands and products that were the MVPs of any skincare regime. I personally tested (and still do!) each product that is used in a Kindred treatment, and I’ll be honest, there were some along the way that didn’t make the cut. Every product you see in a Kindred facial, on our shelves and in our online store is because I know first hand how effective the product is. 

The thing that lights me up, still after all this time, is working with my clients, their skin and getting results. 

Always be learning

There’s always something new to learn. A way to up my game and be a better skin therapist. From post-grad training with Skin Education International for advanced skin conditions and acne skin types to LED light training, Collagen Induction Therapy training and skin needling - I have always and will continue to invest in bettering my knowledge to give my clients the best experience and results possible.