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The Kindred Toxin Free Swap Guide

The Kindred Toxin Free Swap Guide

It was around three years ago that I made the choice to start ‘cleaning up’ my act. And by that I mean I was struggling health wise. Various conversations, research and a fair amount of gut instinct led me to know that one of the biggest changes I would have to make was not only to my lifestyle but to the products I allowed to be used in my home and on my face. Of course, this is where Kindred Toxin Free Facials began and slowly I began to swap out products for cleaner, greener and less toxic products.

Now, before we get into the list, I have to say this is an incredibly personal journey and one where there’s no right or wrong - just what works for you. If what I say resonates with you then read on…

Starting to swap out the products on your bathroom shelf and in your makeup bag is no easy task. I know. I’ve been there and done that and even now sometimes I don't get it right. Most products that we use regularly contain synthetic preservatives, petroleum and fragrances which as I researched found were what were most commonly causing disruption in our bodies. 

So what to look out for when you begin making cleaner swaps?
  • Read through the 'Dirty Thirty' list of 30 ingredients that our beauty products can certainly do without
  • Some that should signal warning signs are synthetic preservatives and petroleum , aluminium (which can mimic oestrogen), parabens, propylene glycol (can cause delayed allergic reactions)
  • Fragrance - unfortunately fragrances used (unless stated) are mostly not essential oils or perfumes but rather often something that is an overall label given to up to 50,000 chemicals known to be toxic to our bodies over time. 

Websites worth looking at include EWG's Skin Deep and Green Beauty Team

Luckily, cleaner and more kind to our body products are becoming more of the norm and finding effective products doesn't mean a trip to your local health food store. Many shops in the US like Credo and CAP Beauty have made the choice to use cleaner products almost the norm. And for us in Australia great small batch producers, like the makers I stock in the Kindred Toxin Free online store, mean we now have real choices that work!

I also love small batch products as it takes out the risk of preservatives being used. For example, I had a client recently marvel that one of her products (now past its used by date - YES! - these products have used by dates as there's no preservatives) had gone mouldy. Not upset, but rather excited, she loved that it showed the ingredients in the balm were real and not going to sit on a bathroom bench for years without change. Read more about my natural skincare tips here

Above all else, take your time and unless you feel absolutely compelled to, swap the items out as you use others up. Start with products you use across the most of your body for example your daily body moisturiser. 

  • What are some clean swaps you've made to your skincare or makeup?